Cambridge needs some fizz

Cambridge needs some fizz, and i like my bubbles techie!

Last night I was speaking with Sitar of Doughty Hansen (after a truly excellent Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and CUTEC event) about drinktank and how it was succeeding where other networking venues failed. Well it’s kinda the same in Cambridge since Library House gave up their networking events some years ago now… so it’s time for some effort. We have BLN, CXO, CHASE, CUTEC, CUE, CfEL etc etc which all do great things. However, we need more OR we need different.

Just take a trip to NYC and visit their tech Meetup events and see the buzz they create and you’ll get my drift. It’s all about doing and Demos..

Way back, there was a cambridge computer club from which an enormous variety of innovation and start-up activity flowed.. Cambridge needs some of this back and I’d like to be part of it. Over the course of the coming weeks lets bring some of the energy already present together and in time create a whole lot more.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Although, of cause, NYC is much larger than Cambridge 🙂
    I used to go to the old 3Cs meetings with Jack Lang, Hermann & Chris etc etc
    I think the closest we have in Cambridge at the moment, with the same intent, is what Simon Ford is doing with SHDC.
    Great first post btw

  2. Juliette Morgan

    Hey – who is Simon Ford and what is SHDC? is anyone using meet-up to do a tech meet-up Cambridge? NYC has 7000 members and its a quick visualisation on the size of the community…..should we be using same forum here and joining tech meet-ups worldwide?