Semantic vectors and bounded subjects

I have a request!

Does anyone out there know if it’s possible to capture the bounds of a subject domain, out there on the inter-tubes I mean. For example, if a surveyor came to my house, he could describe it pretty succinctly and appropriately comprehensively but if I do a search on blood coagulation measurement – I get nothing of the kind. “Coagulation measurement devices“… I get 436,000 articles from uncle Google but not a “Read these articles and you have it covered”, not “here are the dimensions/vectors of the subject.. click on these and you’ll have it covered”. Can it be so hard?

With semantic web technologies, ontologies and knowledge bases – can it be so hard to use services like Twine, True Knowledge etc etc to build subject maps.

You could even take me on a tour of the web, showing me where to click and learn! Or if I click on a “Hitler’s a nice chap” article.. perhaps you could show me that “counter view points” exist. Well show them to me!

Shouldn’t creationist articles be a widget-click away from Darwinist articles etc etc.. this seems a rich theme. Anyone wanna discuss…. there’s tech in here, there’s value, interesting UI’s etc. anyone start something in this field?

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