Internet-Scale Bus; how we do apps and data in future?

“… I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now!”

The older I get, the more excited I am by watching waves of innovation. OK I’m not a computer scientist; I’m a VC, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that the world needs an internet scale bus. In much the same way as Tibco became huge on the basis of the “enterprise bus”, we need a new and bigger solution. Why do I think that? because this stuff is going on:
1. Applications are proliferating radically.
2. Integration is commercially hard, and technically brittle.
3. Data sources are increasingly open, unstructured and live.
4. The requirements for applications need to stay agile.
5. There is no clear integrator or hierarchy and so open build access is important.

Just take a look at the at the sheer variety of web and iPhone applications, now being followed by Android of course – project that forward to the iPad and beyond, and it becomes clear that we have an app bonanza. Perhaps modest wealth creation but massive activity. Now consider requiring all these applications to move at the speed of a usual “enterprise data integration project” and you’ll stop. Add a massive and exploding measure of “link Data Initiative – RDF data publishing”. Stand back and take a breath before cupping your head, and realise that time to market and application/business agility is crucial to success and lastly realise that this may well not be organised by W3C.

Consider Twitter – is this actually the closest and largest current version of an internet-scale bus that we’ve seen to date? It’s pretty light and crude but we have applications being built on it – there is a classic #tag publish and subscribe architecture and it has massive volume… not bad folks but there’s much much more to do.

This is the merchandising bus of the future where #products and #pricing come together with #persona and #situation -An example of this working in a real world app would go something like this; “Hi we’re the Audi app, we just noticed your call to Jaguar and happen to know that your Audi is 3 yrs old”… this is an example of a valuable merchandising opportunity for us. The conversation continues “there’s a restaurant 1.5 km away, it’s Sat lunchtime – have lunch with/on us and we’ll have the audi of your choice in the carpark for a test drive afterwards.” All of this can manifest as its latently available in the application on your iPad- should you wish it to be as its potentially hidden under a “Surprise me” button.

How on earth could this ever happen unless we have a tight/loose coupling of #products, #pricing, #persona, #situation, #offers, #analytics, #location etc etc…. This world is already emerging and will create a whole new set of industries and services over the coming 6 years.

Pre-post note: if you have a resource, technology or company in this area – we’re looking to invest.

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