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Welcome and thanks to Geoff for helping me setup this site.

I have the delight of dealing with some fabulous people, in life and in business. So should you wish, here’s a chance for you to see “who I am and what my opinions are”…

Having run the Amadeus Seed Funds for ten years, I now consulting to UK Government on matters VC whilst hatching a venture of my own. VC was a dream job and I met and worked with some inspiring and great people… but there was only one thing to leave it for and that was to start something of my own. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

I’m recently married to a lady winemaker and place/space visionary, we both have a passion for life and have moved to east London to sample it’s fizziness. Our philosophy – “Just in case this is the only life we get…. lets make the most of it!”.


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