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Paul Smith should design the EU’s flag

Has anyone seen the barcoding proposal for the EU flag… well for those of you who admire Paul Smith.. spot the difference.

here's the EU's effort - quite nice

here's the EU's effort - quite nice

and here's Paul Smith's

and here's Paul Smith's

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Semantic vectors and bounded subjects

I have a request!

Does anyone out there know if it’s possible to capture the bounds of a subject domain, out there on the inter-tubes I mean. For example, if a surveyor came to my house, he could describe it pretty succinctly and appropriately comprehensively but if I do a search on blood coagulation measurement – I get nothing of the kind. “Coagulation measurement devices“… I get 436,000 articles from uncle Google but not a “Read these articles and you have it covered”, not “here are the dimensions/vectors of the subject.. click on these and you’ll have it covered”. Can it be so hard?

With semantic web technologies, ontologies and knowledge bases – can it be so hard to use services like Twine, True Knowledge etc etc to build subject maps.

You could even take me on a tour of the web, showing me where to click and learn! Or if I click on a “Hitler’s a nice chap” article.. perhaps you could show me that “counter view points” exist. Well show them to me!

Shouldn’t creationist articles be a widget-click away from Darwinist articles etc etc.. this seems a rich theme. Anyone wanna discuss…. there’s tech in here, there’s value, interesting UI’s etc. anyone start something in this field?

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kiki booba


You see it take shape… So guys, which shape is called “Kiki” and which shape is called “Booba”?

Synesthesia is a very cool phenomenon, it’s where people get blended senses, i.e. “see #8 as Green or taste chocolate as red”. This is much more common in artists and “creatives” but is thought to be exhibited in all of us. One piece of the brain – implicated in this phenomena is the angular gyrus which is 8x bigger in higher primates than other species. It’s the cross roads of vision audio and touch and it’s here that very cool things like metaphor are thought to stem from… ps: 98% of people agree that the right shape is called “Kiki” and it’s thought to be due to the audio/visual similarities “synesthesiastic links” that we experience.

Vilayanur Ramachandran: A journey to the center of your mind is a classic Ted Video and sets some this out… but my interest is in its links to our “seeing of patterns” in seemingly unconnected areas.

One theory about entrepreneurs is that they see deep patterns in the world, but perhaps more importantly, they see deep dislocations. They can carry these around with them, seemingly unable to express them to others and in no way clutching at trivial (anyone could do that) solutions. It is then their profound fixing of these profound dislocations that become the great breakthroughs…. We like to hang around with and back these guys. Tough people to deal with but the impact they can have on markets is profound.

It’s also said that creative types see all the problems in the world, and that creativity is the urge to make the world work differently and perhaps better.

For my part – seed investment is SUCH a gloriously risky pass time that I would really like to know how the world would be different and better should a proposed venture succeed. I’d like some deep and profound thought, layered on top of much ambition and a layer of getting it done.

So, to seed investment models – I ask the open question, if the bar is lowered, will more or less profound change and subsequent value be created. Darwin allowed massive parallel experimentation that resulted in wonderful “us”… however, the survival of the fittest is a brutally high bar. Do we expand Y-combinator models or do we demand more and keep the bar higher – and if the latter – how much higher.

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