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OODA LOOPS and Google #1

It seems appropriate to start this post from my iPhone as the subject is about agility. Chet Richards has written an excellent book called “certain to win” which delves in to military strategy and extracts a compelling argument for wining being tied to agility. The core concept is that we should OBSERVE-ORIENTATE-DECIDE-ACT and we should do so fast and often. The book is dry but brilliant.

Now here’s the rub. I go to NYC Tech meet-up and see Jeff Jarvis promote his book “what would google do” and blow me if it’s not the same. P93 “life’s a beta” is all about launching beta software and getting early feedback. You can’t afford to wait. Google VP Marissa Meyer “the key is fast iteration”.Forget the Microsoft “late but perfect product” launch.. v1.0, v2.0 etc etc there’s just no time.

My OODA loop:

I think that open networks where skills/knowledge/work are exchanged, open ideas where new ideas are formulated/propositions-fleshed-out/direction set/company formed, open teams where the optimal set of people is found/assembled/engaged and organised;  are all about get tied together to allow some very new and exciting company models – I want to be part of discussing and building these companies.


This is in stark contrast to Economist Umair Haque (HBR blog) who frighteningly realised that markets are shifting from inefficient/control/centralisation to efficient/open/de-centralised markets… “Competitive advantage (the thing we all learned about in business school) is fundementally about making markets work less efficiently.” “One catastrophically effective way to do this is to hide and obscure information – to gain bargaining power.”

We all see it! We all do it! Who isn’t challenged by the idea of open.

Perhaps for my industry (tech VC), that’s what Library house was trying to do for Venture Capital in Cambridge (at least in the early days). But what would the real Open VC model look like? p81 – “What business are you really in?” is becoming a really interesting question for all of us.

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