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Cambridge and the new economy. #1

Cambridge and the new economy. #1
Umair Haque: writes….. “The centuries-old institutions of orthodox capitalism cannot support the transition to a hyperconnected global economy. They are increasingly unable to allocate capital efficiently, much less grow it productively. And so what we are seeing nothing less than the wholesale deconstruction of the global financial and economic system.

Who’s going to reconstruct it? We are. By bringing new DNA to a table packed with crony capitalists, CEOs more concerned about their cash-outs than the companies they captain, and agitpropagandists thinly disguised as so-called arbitrageurs.”

I have a question for Cambridge (London, Oxford & Edinburgh etc. will come later): Do we have any companies here who aspire to be these new hyper-connected companies, creating the so called new economy. Which are the best examples we have? Do we have the innovative software umph and talent to build them and if not to at least use the new tools?

Is hard IP as we are so appropriately proud in this town, enough – or is there a risk of becoming irrelevant or will the new economy help us scale our companies in a way we have never before been able to.

The call to arms above is the “We are” hands up if you are part of the “We”!


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